Water softeners in Cambridge

Cambridge is one of many cities in which our water softeners have been fitted, and our influence has also reached its neighbouring areas – just ask the water softener installers Newmarket and Huntingdon have been visited by.

As well as the installation of water softeners we are ready and willing to provide repair and maintenance facilities for softeners that are already in place. This extends not just to Cambridge but also to nearby locations. Get in contact with us and we will see what we can do to help you in your water softening needs.

The city of Cambridge has a unique relationship with water: waterborne traffic has played a role in the city’s life since the middle ages and even the name of the name “Cambridge” is tied to water, being derived from the earlier name of “Grantabrycge” (literally, “bridge over Granta”, Granta being the name of the river now known as Cam). Because of this the maintenance of clean, pure water forms a key part of preserving Cambridge’s heritage.

There are many water-related landmarks around the city, from the Bridge of Sighs in the grounds of the famous university to the elegantly modern Riverside Bridge. Clean water is important to this town – this is just as true of everyday drinking water as it is of the vast and crystal clear river of Cam.

The water of Cambridge is truly priceless and we will do all that we can to help keep it this way.

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