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A city belonging to the county of Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, Stamford is a civil parish town. It lies around 100 miles to the north of London, to the east of the A1 road (which leads to York). With a population of 21000 people, this town is quite popular for its natural charm, architecture and beauty.

In the town, we can see the true essence of medieval England, with stone buildings belonging to the 17th and 18th century adorning the streets. The beautiful vistas and the River Welland give this town a rustic feel, and an elegance that few possess. No wonder this town has been praised as the best place to live in by the Sunday Times. The town is situated on the river Welland, at the South Western side of the Lincolnshire County. The town was one of the richest in the early days around the 14th century, thanks to the woollen trade business. In 1967, this town was declared as a conservation area, making it the first urban conservation area.

Hard water is a definite problem for areas such as those in the Lincolnshire County, as the water, when seeping through the soil, collects the calcium and magnesium compounds, making the water quite hard, resulting in limescale deposits in appliances and around the kitchen and bathroom. However, Water Softener Companies in Stamford offer water softening services at reasonable rates, turning the hard water into much cleaner, nicer water.

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